VTOL "copter" problem ;)

Hey Guys,
im posting here because its a copter problem with my vtol plane.


Problem is yaw, im getting very bad yaw performance, and i think its because some mechanical twist.
Motors have all the same distance to the CG.

here we have a look at the motor outs, rc out 7 is several times saturated?! and 5/7 have higher means.

so motor 1 and 2 are turning slower, and 3 / 4 faster. seems like there is an yaw angle problem.

would it be possible to just print 2° angle mounts for my motors to test if its better?
but if i do so were, and in what direction i have to mount them?


Log (look at rc 4-8 out for the motors)

When Felix was having yaw issues we inserted washers underneath various motor mounts to straighten things up. We initially thought several would be needed, but in the end a single-washer’s thickness was sufficient. This change gave us significantly more power back.

Hey Peter,
thanks for your reply.

the problem for me is i have a “H- Frame” so i can add washers to the front or back of a motor, or i can print 1° / 1° mounts and have the whole motor to the side by that amount.

the problem for me is now what would work best and

WERE and WHAT DIRECTION to mount that bits and pices… ;( any help?

thanks guys!

I hope you can’t solve with washers because you don’t have a permanent twist, is like wings aren’t enought rigid, you reinforce them with fiber cloth or something like that?
I refer something like Robert test here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok6c2hfyM3k

why no permanent twist ?
its always 3/4 that are faster so the CW motors.

cw motor make CCW spin?
so i have to adjust them to the right,