Vtol and autotune

Hi I have an vtol but I am a bit confused about something.
As you know, vtols can fly as fixed wing and drone so do I need two different PID for fixed wing and drone? I have tryed qautotune for qstabilize mode before and I got good results, now I want to fly with FBWA mode. so do ı need a new PID for that?

Yes, you can use AUTOTUNE mode to tune the FW PID controllers:

Thans for your help. I am curious about something, if I use AUTOTUNE mode to tune the FW which parametres would change? The QAUTOTUNE parametres would dissapeard?

No, there are separate parameters for the FW and VTOL controllers.
The VTOL params are prefixed with “Q_A_RAT_” and the FW parameters for the roll and pitch controllers are prefixed with “RLL_RATE_” and “PTCH_RATE_”, respectively.

Thank you soooo much <3