VTOL 4+1. vertical 4 motor isn't spingning. it seem like no signal come

Hi everyone
I am builing my first VTOL 4+1 with CUAV X7
and i have a problem with calibrating 4 vertical motor. 4 motor no spin but the front motor is nomorlly

who might help me solve this please

Check if the CUBE is tight, it may be a problem with the connector.

however all servo and front motor are working fine
only 4 vertical motors dont work

Your connections and configuration are correct.
You can calibrate the ESC separately with the receiver to see if the motor can work.

yeah when calibrate ESC separately with receiver channel 3 is working . but when connect the board it doesn’t work

I try to calibrate from Mission planner but it pop up Set param. Please ensure your version is AC3.3+