VTOL 4+1 after +1 Motor broken and Q-Mode 50% Throttle until lipo emty

i have today a big problem, my +1 Motor (tailmotor) was broken, i switched to Q-Mode and recoverd fine but Plane rises Altitude. I switched to several modes (RTH, QLOITER, QLAND, QHOVER), no success always 50% throttle and rising hight.
If it was at critical hight i switched to maual-mode to drecrease altitude and back to q-mode.
Flight Groundrecording is here:

My Log parameters you can find here: https://www.transferxl.com/08R7czHS8tT6N

I have Spezial Firmware of Trigide for V-Tol and matek F765 Wing FC.

The compass i switched off because he don´t work well bevore.

I can not find any parameter who says 50% Throttle.
It was only lucky that nothing happend and plane land without damage.

bets reguards