VTBird from Finwing yaws back and forth during Vtol Takeoff

When my VTOL bird takes off and only during the climb the bird yaws a good 40 degrees, 20 to the left then back to center then 20 to the right and back to center, repeats.

Compass calibration gives no errors, I am using the HERE3 module and I have not done the advanced compassmot procedure yet. I’m hoping I wont have to.

Here is my parameter file:
FINWING Param v1.1.param (22.0 KB)

Anyone know what causes this?

Full disclosure… I’m not an ArduPilot user but…

  • Did you takeoff into the wind?
  • Maybe try disabling Q_WVANE and see if it stops it.
  • I’m just thinking it’s trying to face into the wind?
  • Takeoff in QSTABILIZE into the wind and does it still yaw as much or at all?

Good luck.

SOLVED: Had to tune it! Manually first, then got it just good enough that the autotune could figure out the rest.