VTail - Config

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone ever tried to do a VTail config for APM and how difficult it would be to just implement what is already in MultiWii ?

Let’s talk about it…

Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo

You are talking about multicopters, right?

Yes exactly
Something for our frames.

lynxmotion.com/images/produc … VT4-KT.jpg

Nice frame! If you make a very light weight one in let’s say 80-90cm class which can accommodate 15-18" props and then a few details for improving camera and battery mount, I might get interested :slight_smile:.
Or a similarly large light weight Y6 frame.

Edit: And pancake-compatible motor mounts.

Send a couple of frames to devs and it will be there if its not already :wink:

There is a 400mm and a 500mm version to date…
But there will be a bigger one … :wink:

Here is the MultiWii sketch i use right now and it work real good.
I would like to try an APM with similar setup mixing

rcgroups.com/forums/showpost … count=4472