VRµBrain (micro brain) Servo and RSSI question


I am new with the APM.
i wonder how i can connect an analog servo and the RSSI to the VR micro brain.
When i use a servo as a camera tilt on channel 6, it works, but it jitters fast.
The RSSI has to use what pin on the board (i think the sbus input?) and pin number for that in the MP?


Hi Chap,

Fello ubrain user here, but I don’t have the answer, and its against the rules to aswell being as ubrain isn’t a 3dr product.

Rule 7 - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4646

There is a ubrain thread on rcgroups that is answered by Virtualrobotix staff. There is the VR forum, but its pretty quiet on there.