Vote for additional bi-directional dshot configurations

If your board isn’t supported and you would like this feature, please post a comment naming the board and I will take the number of “hearts” on the comment as likes to judge demand. Pretty much all boards are supportable, but figuring out the configuration is a little involved, especially on non-H7 boards. If you post a board you commit to test it if I don’t have the hardware (likely). Note that I am only doing quad definitions at the moment, and the addition of bi-dir support may mean giving up some other features that are dependent on DMA.


I required it for CUAV V5+ and CUAV V5 Nano

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I required it for CUAV V5 NANO

Ok here is a PR that does both:

Could you try to verify?

Hi @andyp1per, would this compatible with the pixhawk4 ? , as both are fmuv5 boards

Nope - different PWM out. I thought there was already a bdshot build for the PixHawk 4?

I will give a try tomorrow

@andyp1per , hmm did not see anything on the last beta , but will check again.

The problem is its not in the board list. This was done an old way anyway - I’ll add it to the PR. IIRC someone had trouble getting it working so be good if you good test.

i have downloaded bin file but don’t know how to upload it on Autopilot using mission planner.

The bin file is only the boot loader, you will need to build it yourself

can you guide me on this if possible?

Here is CUAVv5:

Here is CUAVv5Nano:

Here is Pixhawk4:

In mission planner select the option for custom firmware and then select the file

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very much appreciated for the build ….thank you

Hey all - @tridge has just informed me that all the CUAV v5 boards have level shifters that means bi-directional operation is prevented in hardware - this also applies to BLHeli passthrough. So I don’t think any of these CUAV configs are going to work and I will have to remove them from the builds.