Voltages and Resistance

I just got my first APM in the mail today. Etching on the back says v.2.5.2, and it is missing the magnetometer, which I understand is appropriate for 2.6, righto? The GPS/compass won’t be arriving for a couple days, so I wanted to get started as much as I can.

I can connect it to my computer and have it detect the board and upload firmware fine. However, it often times out when trying to get params in Mission Planner. I’ve tried this on two computers. The console shows this:

Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
PANIC: failed to boot MPU6000 5 times

I can get into test mode on the console and see things like the receiver and barometer work, but can’t look at INS.

I searched around on the forums and found people with similar problems, but theirs were fixed once they replaced the 3.3V regulator or some such. I think my regulator is fine. I measure 5V on the input and 3.3 on the output. GND and 3.3V show up correctly on the right pins on the MPU-6000 chip.

Now the strange part: I used my multimeter to measure about 44kOhm resistance between the 5V and gnd pins on the 3.3V regulator. I see this same resistance or more between the power and ground pins on the GPS, I2C, telemetry and USB connectors. I also measure that same resistance across the diode that is right next to the J1 jumper. Is this appropriate? I’m no electronics master, but I wouldn’t have expected any connectivity from 5V to GND.

So the questions:

Is the resistance measurement between 5V and GND appropriate?

Any other ideas on why the USB connection in Mission Planner doesn’t get far?

I would have expected to be able to measure X,Y and Z tilt. Does the accelerometer require a working GPS or compass?

Sounds like a bad board I would ask the supplier for a refund or new board.