Voltage Measurement Issues on Mission Planner

Hi, Everyone
We are using 100V power supply for our Drone but mission planner can show upto 65V and after this it is showing offset voltage values.
For example 99v its showing (99-65)= 34V
when can we expect the mission planner software update which can show actual voltage @Michael_Oborne @ppoirier


Before blaming Mission Planner, you should check the mavlink message that contains battery voltage.


Until MAVLINK messages are fixed, the work-around is to divide by 10 and set your voltage multipliers, MOT_BAT and failsafes to suit.
Maybe even divide by 2 would work, but I suspect it will be easier to glance at a voltage and shift the decimal than to start dividing by 2 while under pressure.


Thank you @ team mission planner
Now this Voltage is showing

For those following I think it’s this PR

// for battery monitors that cannot provide voltages for individual cells the battery’s total voltage is put into the first cell
// if the total voltage cannot fit into a single field, the remainder into subsequent fields.
// the GCS can then recover the pack voltage by summing all non ignored cell values an we can report a pack up to 655.34 V

And possibly this one too