Voltage jumps/fluctuates

the Voltage reading in Mission Planner is very unstable (readings between 19.2 - 20.2V in a few seconds…).
Where as the Voltage at the Voltage sensing pin (three digits behind the dot) and the LiPo Voltage is stable.

See Video:

  • First measurement: Voltage sensing pin
  • Second measurement: Overall LiPo Voltage

Afterwards you can see the Mission Planner:

  • First in Overview Mode (Voltage in the lower right hand corner)
  • Second Additional Hardware --> Battery Monitor Screen

Voltage divider is a little bit off, but this should not impact the general problem…

Hardware Pixhawk 2 with ArduCopter v 3.5.x, recent Mission Planner, …

Every suggestion is appreciated!

No problems with AttoPilot so far…