Voltage issue: Pixhawk 4 with Mamba F40 Mk2 (4in1 ESC)

Hi there!

I´m trying to connect my Pixhawk 4 to a Mamba F40 MK2 ESC. The wiring and configuration should be no Problem.
Before I connect or power anything, I first measure the voltage and so I came across something: when I connect a lipo to the ESC, I can measure a voltage between GND and the signal inputs S1-S4 of the ESC. The voltage is 3.2V. Is that normal? I mean, these are inputs for the motor signals and no outputs. I didn’t really expect any voltage there.

Of course I’m a bit confused now and afraid to connect the signal inputs to the Pixhawk’s FMU outputs. Maybe I’m paranoid, or nobody before me has ever measured these points :slight_smile: Of course I don’t want to destroy my hardware.

To be on the safe side, I also measured a second ESC, and here, too, 3.2V can be measured at the inputs with the LIPo connected.

Does anyone know this phenomenon? Do I need to worry or can I connect everything?

Thank you :wink:

Problem is solved! Thread can be closed!

Hi WilliBrumm,

I am doing exactly as you. Please let me know, what is the fix to this issue. Did you just powered the drone without any issue?