Voltage drop and amps

This is from my hexa,please look at the voltage and amps indication during hover, as you see hover amps is around 40, and voltage drops significant during flight.
I would like to know if this is normal or something is wrong with my design.

Batteries 2 3300 3s 25c in parallel
Very much appreciate your comments.

How is anyone supposed to comment on your design if you don’t say a single word about it and the purpose?
If you lift a 10kg camera platform, 40 amps are a very good value. If you have an ultralight hex which was built for endurance records, 40 amps is a very bad value.

The voltage drops if you put load on a LiPo. That’s normal. The higher the load and the lower the battery quality, the faster and lower the voltage drop.

Wight is on the post , is around 2,3 kgs ,
Voltage drop has to do only with consumption , wire gauge, batteries used,
Amps , of course I understand will be related to many other factors , motors selected, props, AUW, but that is not my question .

Hope is more clear now,

My conclusions so far are , that even when I’m in the range of the lipo amps rating, voltage drops in te batteries are higher than it should (turnigy. Microtech 3300 25 50 c 2x in parallel ) , and that m motors turnigy 2836 9 950 props 10x47 , are to tight for the weight ,

Then I’m planing to improve on higher c rating batterie , and bigger motors that would allow for 2,8 kgs AUw.
Motors I’m considering are multistar 2814 700
And multistar 3508 700

Any thoughts ?

Batteries are nanotech 3s, and I’m evaluating going to 4s.

I find 40A for 2.3kg pretty massive. My quad pulls 20A (4S) at 2.8kg and that is even more than I’m happy with…
I would try 700kV motors with 12-14" props if you can fit those to your frame. That should be more efficient.

And - no - voltage drop is a lot dependent on the battery quality! I have a cheap crap 10Ah 5C LiPo from eBay which drops from 4.2/cell to 3.7V/cell fully charged when I pull only 20A out of it…
For high load applications, I’d recommend looking at other batteries, Such as GensAce or Maxamps. They are more expensive but definitely worth it.

You should definitely go to 4S if not even 6S for a hex (depending on the load you are planning to carry).

Thanks for your recommendation .
12in props won’t fit , as the hex is a 550 flame wheel , I’m planing to go for a y6. With tha 700 motors ,
Stefan , what motors are you actually using in your quad ?,
Thank you

Multistar 4822-390kV with 17" props. With 15" props I’m around 17A but I broke them and am waiting for spares :slight_smile:.