Voltage alarm and buzzer question

ok have fitted a buzzer, works great for telling me when armed and not.
have apower module and that tell me the current voltage . working great
so i saw the fail safe at 10.5 v to RTL mine is set at (never used as nevr dischared a lipo that far)
i upped that voltage to 11. 3 to test the buzzer goes off when reaching that voltage, but it does not,
mission planner confirms the voltage dropped to below that but the buzzer did not go off ?
any idea?
been looking at this for 2 hours now

I have found this

voltage LED Buzzer

11.0v Solid Blue Off
10.0v – 11.0v Flashing Blue Off
9.8v – 10.0v Solid Red Off
< 9.8v Flashing Red On
and when the buzzer will come on but would like the buzzer to come on at a different voltage
is there a way to change this value

The voltage must be below the failsae voltage for 10 seconds to trigger the alarm and I believe the copter must be armed.

well i have ordered and got a external voltage alarm now BUT
i did take the voltage below 10v with it armed , (i was spinning the props slowly on the ground for about 13 mins or something) monitoring the voltage on MP it went to 9.5 i think(on a old battery so i did not knacker a good battery)
and all the time the alarm did not go off

Did you have any other alarms go off?

I’ve been balancing my props today. At some point the battery low voltage buzzer went off as expected. But then later, the alarm was interupted by the GPS lock warning sound and the low voltage alarm did go on again!

Could it be the LV alarm cycle is interupted when another alarm goes off and doesn’t come back on?

I noticed the similar case when flying, though I wasn’t aware at that point of the meaning of the sounds. Low buzzer went off, just a few short beeps, then the GPS alarm went off, and also then the low voltage buzzer didnt go back on (bringing my batt < 10v in the end because I didn’t notice low voltage!!)

Is this by design?


The problem is still unsolved. An external voltage alarm is not the solution. Is it perhaps forgotten to integrate that in the firmware V3.2 ?