Voice pronunciation in APM Planner Mac

Hi All!

First I would like to say how amazed and grateful I am for all the achievments around the APM.

I run the APM planner on a Mac with a German language OS. Now when the Planner tries to speak alerts, it reads them as if they were german words, which sound something between peculiar and completely incomprehensible.

“prayarm Ullert: Err cay noot Cullibrutt Ed”

Ist there a way to tell the mac or the Planner to pronunce the Alerts as English language?


I would think so but i would have to look into it.

Please do so! Listen to this, and you will agree that it is urgent:

Ok, I found it. The only solution is to change the voice for the complete system in “preferences” -> “dictation and speech”.
Pretty easy actually.