Voice Assistant With Python For ArduPilot Vehicles

Hi all!

Caleb from the Drone Dojo here. Thought I would share a project I just finished. A voice assistant for ArduPilot based vehicles. Some highlights of the voice assistant’s ability:

  • Voice arming or disarming the vehicle
  • Change flight modes with your voice
  • Run a script on your companion computer with your voice (no SSHing in required!)
  • Voice driving (for rovers, just a fun little dronekit block of code to drive the rover with your voice instead of an RC controller)


This voice assistant operates in python using both google speech to text (translate spoken word into text strings) and google text to speech (to create a feedback voice for your voice assistant). Both of these google APIs are free to use for private use.

In the video, I’m using the Jetson Nano with a Pixhawk running ArduRover, but this will work on other companion computers (Raspberry Pi) or other ArduPilot vehicle types as well.

If you’re interested in the code, you can see the full repo here.

Absolutely love this community!!!