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Voice Announcement Flight time

Just wondering if there is a way to have qGroundcontrol announce flight time whilst flying. I have found this handy on my Taranis but now I am flying with an integrated controller and display… I don’t have that timer announcement and miss it.

Just asking.

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I am not totally sure, but as far as I know, there is no such message in MavLink and it seems like every application like MP, QGC taranis etc. have their own timer. i.e when they get a MavLink message like arm or set home or another event that indicates takeoff or something like that, they reset this timer to 0 and than simply present it as flight time. The message you have in the taranis is probably from taranis and not from the FC.
And I truly wonder why there is no such functionality in MavLink?
Just my 2C

He Thanks Gal
I don’t think it’s a mavlink function. I think that qGRoundcontrol should be able to announce the flight time numbers as it already reports them on the screen. So its a known value…not sure about it’s accuracy but the value is know. So the app would just need to announce the value.
I did read late last night that there is a request in to have this feature in QGC but it is not there today.
So here’s hoping to it getting into an update sooner then later.

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Makes sense, each application is implementing it’s own functionality for this feature, because flight time is not in MavLink.

Nope. Not currently supported.

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