Visual Studio Development of MP

Hi All,

I’ve been developing in visual studio, compiling and changing software and such. And I have been running all of my git commands for pushing and committing and such in linux. (I have the folder where both visual studio and linux access it linked on my windows host)

Whenever I compile and run my debug version of MP on the windows host, doing a git status on the linux vm where my repo lives shows a whole bunch of files changed.

Is this simply windows doing something to the files that git picks up on? Is there a simple way to avoid seeing so many changes pop up when I havent changed those files?

Are all of these changes normal?

Any help would be great!

If the compile works, then these changes are normal

Not normal,
Object and executable files are excluded from git, a compiler should not change source code. Check your VS settings and make sure that it does not changes Line endings CR to CR+LF

sounds like you need to set the correct crlf options, or autocrlf

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I am trying to find where to set this…do i set autocrlf in git in the command line? Or is there something to VS to change? Googling isn’t making things very clear. A little more guidance would be great, thanks for the input so far!

I figured it out. For anyone else who sees this:

Following that link fixes it! Thanks for all the help everyone!