VISION_POSITION_DELTA mavlink message does not generate local position

Hi guys,

I am using latest Copter-3.5.3 version.

i tried sending vision_position_delta message, and also set viso_type to 1 to enable mavlink backend…
but somehow local position is not being generated
i don’t have gps connected to pixhawk cube…
i hv verified that the message is being recd by apm and is being logged as well, under VISO tag…

did anyone try visual odometry for apm copter… using vision_position_delta mavlink message?
can someone refer me to any link related to that.


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I think you would have got the answer by now and probably solved this. The APM firmware does not have a local position estimator (lpe). To do what you have mentioned above better use the px4 firmware, you don’t even have to use vision_position_delta here.

If you have solved this problem in APM then do let me know please.