Visibility to the PX4Firmware drivers

I can perfectly build the APM Navio binaries without the PX4Firmware and PX4NuttX modules. However, that also means that the Navio doesn’t have any visibility to the drivers distributed within the PX4Firmware module. Therefore, I cannot use the TeraragerOne sensor or the MikroKopter ESC with the Navio.

Are there any plans to port these PX4 drivers over to the ArduPilot flight stack? Maybe do the same thing done for the IR-Lock. AP_IRLock vs irlock.

Yeah, you’d need to port those. With the current infra for device inside ardupilot itself it will be even possible to use the same driver on px4 rather than the one coming from px4firmware.

I don’t have plans to do this myself but would love to review a PR.

Lucas, do want me to create the PR in Github for this or will you prefer do it yourself?

You can do it. Thanks