Virtual Reality Planner

Hello all,

I am looking for pilots that utilize Ardupilot/mission planner, that also have Virtual Reality capabilities and would like to Alpha Test some VR planning software. The software is being developed for open source release as an add on to the current Ardupilot/Mission Planner software. The VR capabilities must be a full head set like the Oculus at this time but there are future plans for developing an app to enable box/cell phone style interactions.

Some back story, I am the mentor for a Computer Science Senior design/Capstone project in its second year at Washington State University. The software will need some shaking out in the next couple of months and I am hoping to find some critical eyes to help shape the future development cycles.

If you are able to help with this project please comment or message me.

Thank you

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Let’s surmount some geeks ! @Michael_Oborne @iampete

I have a VR setup (index) happy to try some stuff, extremely busy atm tho. Mission planning in 3D would would be amazing, I’m sure you have done the VR google earth, its epic. A FPV and control setup would be amazing too.

Gathering the testers right now and, planning on a month, we will have a version ready for testing. Not looking for intense testing time from the users but getting some good critical feedback will definitely help.
Semester is just getting going so getting the team back into gear and will keep in contact here with some small videos and whatnot as we move forward.

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Glad to help, with Quest VR headset, but can also use it on USB mode without issues.

OpenVR, I would assume?