Virtual joystick issue

When using virtual joysticks, there is no way to trim the lower value of the throttle that I can see…since Throttle FS is being used, anytime the joystick moves the throttle to idle, RTH is triggered…this limits the usability of the virtual joysticks greatly…is there any way to limit the lower value of the virtual joystick for throttle?
This is on Android version, of course…

Given the way virtual joysticks work which is using the MANUAL_CONTROL mavlink messages there should be no need for this. This sounds more like an implementation problem with firmware support for MANUAL_CONTROL.

Hello Henry
Where did you find any note ardupilot support virtual joystick? That was one of the reason why I migrated px4 but form me it does not well also there. After weeks of in-home tests with PX4 firmware I decited to try it in flight. My drone crashed so I decided no longer to try it. record there:

Next day I decided to flight with regular joystick and this works fine. I can fly without RC using joystick but for me virtual joystick does not work well with qground control and PX4
Im extremly curious where did you find info that ardupilot and qground control can support Virtual Joystick !