Viewing GPS coordinates in Droidplanner 2

I’m flying a Iris +, using Droidplanner 2 on Galaxy Nexus phone, with a gopro camera liveview set up. I’m able to connect to my drone, and get read outs on all of the default flight information during flight using Droidplanner.

When I purchased this kit from 3D robotics, I was told by the tech that I would be able to view the gps coordinates of my drone in real time using the Droidplanner software. But I can’t find this functionality anywhere.

So can someone tell me if there is a way to view my GPS coordinates in real time when flying my Iris? And if not, is there at least a way I can get the GPS info post flight? It’s not ideal, but at least I could compare a time stamp of my video footage to my GPS logs to find out my GPS position of the drone at key points on my video.

Did you find anything, if you can?
I would be interested to know if you can with DroidPlanner get the GPS coordinates to the last position in case they drop in corn chain.
Is this possible?

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Cosmin Miscu

I find this way to find my copter inside soybean (cheked :wink: ) and see coord … k-in-tower
You have to check the last time registered, and also, if you have gps in your tablet, you can see your position and the copter one.