Viewing Flight Parameters on MavLink LogViewer

Hello everyone. I am trying to obtain flight log data about gimbals which are being used in my quadcopter drone- running SITL using Copter 4.0 and AirSim on Unreal Engine- using the MavLink Log Viewer. I’ve built and started the LogViewer according to this link: . While I’m able to receive some of the data from the flight, I don’t see all of the parameters mentioned in the picture as seen in the link. I do get some of the data, but none of the parameters.

Also, I’ve altered my settings according to the settings mentioned in this link: so I can get the required data.

If anyone knows how to get all the parameters into the Log Viewer, could you please help me out? Is there any other log viewer I can use to obtain data about the gimbal? Mission Planner doesn’t seem to have much information about the gimbal.

The Log Viewer is built for PX4, and the Mavlink messages being sent might not match what PX4 sends. I think you’re connecting the LogViewer to SITL directly?
Also the PX4 settings won’t affect ArduPilot usage, the AP vehicles only use the fields used in this page -, such as UdpIP/Port, ControlPort & LocalHostIp

As for Gimbal, currently AirSim doesn’t support Mavlink controlled gimbal. Try using the simSetCameraPose API. Mavlink support for gimbal would be pretty good, but needs some thinking of how it can be integrated into the code