Video transmitter and long range antenna

anyone please help me what camera and video transmitter is good for long range flight? thank you

what is long range for you? what rc control frequency ? what telemetry ? how much distance can you archive between rx and tx onboard your plane?
do you already own gear?

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i got rfd900+ telemetry with ez uhf radio transmitter, range of atleast 100km .,correct me if im wrong immerssion ez uhf the frequency is 2.4? maybe i will need 5.8 for the vedio transmitter, Which long range video works best with EZUHF?

You need 1.2 for long range video and a directionsl antenna like patch

“atleast” 100km
oh god :smiley: you know that there is something called curvature of the earth, you need to fly VERY high at such distances.

ezuhf (433mhz) even with very good directional antennas and ideal conditions has a range of 50km, in reality maybe 30 reliable. 1.2g video would be a possibility but this is not a simple task.
800mw 1.2g transmitter, a good reciver (readymaderc for example). very good antennas, i would go for a tuned dipole and an yagi directional antenna.

5.8g video is not possible, to high wavelength.
are you sure you have the rfd900+ and not the x version?

do you know where to get those video transmitter and receiver with dipole and an yagi directional antenna? thank for the help i really appreciate it. yes i have rfd900+ not the x.

you maybe have to chose the us version if you are in the us.
also make sure to know your local regulations!
maybe also go for the patch antenna first, better beam width.

setup failsave! you will easily outperform your control system.

thank you so much it helps me a lot.

please dont buy that trash. very low quality. they might look the same, but are very different.

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I run a 400mw 1.3ghz vtx with the 3 leaf clover antenna from Video Aerial Systems . GET DRAGONLINK FOR RC LINK !!! It will be the last system you’ll need to buy for long range . At my ground station I use the Cross hair patch antenna on a tripod and rotate it in the direction of the plane. It’s a simple set up but I’ve been out 10 miles with crystal clear video and solid 60% rssi RC link .