Video Switcher and PixHawk

I have a three channel video switcher that I want to use to run multiple cameras and am trying to get it to work using an output from a Pixhawk. My receiver is S-Bus only so there is no spare PWM channels there to use. I currently have it connected to Servo8 and want to use a three position switch on channel 7 or my controller. I see how to set the output for Servo8 to pass through in the parameters but how do you map the input to this channel? I would like to be able to change the video channel from both the controller and Mission Planner if possible will help. Basically set the servo function to be pass through from whatever input channel you’d like to use.

Yes sir I see that and have SERVO8_FUNCTION set to 1:RCPassThru My question is how do I tell that to be controlled by channel 7 from the receiver? I see a CH7_OPT parameter with lots of various options but non of them say RCPassThru. Can one of the other options be used or a custom one setup?

These switchers are getting increasingly popular to control multiple cameras. Would it be possible to get a new Option specifically for them in an upcoming release?

OK So I think I figured this out. The RCPassThru feature is a direct correlation to the RC channel and can not be mapped. So RC channel 7 can only go to SERVO7. The only downside to this mode is that the feature will only be activated by the controller and Mission Planner will not be able to use it.

you can pass through any input to any output. ServoN_Function (where N is the output channel), if set to a number between 51 and 66, will pass through RC Input from the corresponding channel (51 = 1, 66 = 16, the rest fall between).

yes sir I figured that out after reading another post from the info in your link. My problem with this is that by direct mapping an RC channel then Mission Planner cant control the servo output. So the way it is now I have to pick one: Either switch on the remote or Mission Planner. Hopefully they will define this as an option in the future like grippers, landing gear or a gimbal so that it can be usable by both

Thank you very much for the information