Video stream with OSD on RPi

I am looking for solution to have Raspbbery Pi 4 showing UDP Video Stream with HUD OSD on that Video stream. OSD would use Mavlink telemetry data coming via UDP.

I tried to run Mission Planner (which suppose to have such option) using Mono, but video streaming doesn’t work for some reasons. Maybe there are other option just for Video with OSD, as rest of GS features are not required.

I haven’t tried this yet, but might be worth a shot. Unsure how explicitly tied to openHD it is, or whether you can feed in alternative sources.

This looks like a very nice project. I write the image, but it is looking for additional wifi cards and other end connection even before getting to app. So it looks like well prepared but not suitable for my current application. I want to use 3G as data link.

qopenhd is the app designed to work on the openhd system. The app is the default way of interacting with the system and displaying the hud/telemetry. The app is also fairly platform agnostic so you can run the app on any device that connects to the pi whish is acting as your ground station