Video Stream to QGroundControl from RaspberryPi3 Camera (Companion Computer)

Raspberry Pi 3 is used as a companion computer to PixHawk. We want to video stream the Raspberry Pi camera back to QGroundControl. The communication via wifi has already been setup. Can someone help with that?

Use Gstreamer. There are quite a few examples/tutorials on the web on streaming with Gstreamer from RPI’s.

Thank you Luisvale for your answer,
Could you send a link to one good example or tutorial how to setup Gstreamer and establish the communication of RPI3 with QGC so i can get video stream and control my vehicle simultaneously? Because i try to search how to do that but i did find any good example online.

this covers the video part

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Thank you again Luisvale

hello, the link seems to be broken so i can’t finish setting my raspberry pi and pixhawk camera on qgroundcontrol

if you have any video tutorials or any alternative way to set up a camera on qgroundcontrol please reply, thanks