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Video Stream Recording seems to hang-up

(Wi-Frank) #1


I am running QGC on Win10, version is v3.5.4.
Streaming Video online is running fine (-> UDP Unicast, MPEG-TS h.264).
For recording the Video stream I can open the tool bar in the upper Right Corner called ‘Video Stream’.
There I can see the red round sign for recording.
If I click this red camera the live Video stops working and the red camera sign gets grey.
I have to Restart QGC to get back to the running Video.
If I follow the path for the recording (saved on the Desktop) ther is just a 0MB file without any video.
I tried all three formats (mkv, mov, mp4) with same result. There is just a 0MB file without any Content.

Has anybody an idea whats going wrong and how to correct the Setup for recording?
The recording with VLC works fine, but it cannot run in parallel with QGC.


(DonLakeFlyer) #2

Sounds more like a bug than a setup problem. Please enter an Issue with details into QGC GitHub.