Video out in alternate gcs?

I’ve had my 2450 for a while, and I think I’ve read everything I can find about getting video into mission planner, or qgc, or tower on wondows laptop or Android.

I must be missing something simple. Pointers, please?


As far as I know, Mission Planner (with 32-bit VLC installed) and Solex are the only two (non-Skyviper) applications which can get the SV’s video.

For MP, if you have 64-bit VLC installed on your machine, it won’t work. You have to uninstall that and install 32-bit VLC only. Then you can setup MP to view the SV’s video.

With Mission Planner, SV video can be overlayed in HUD. I installed gstreamer-1.0-x86-1.9.1.msi as complete, followed steps.
It is still tricky, I cannot find a way to stop overlay till I delete MP config file…