Video FPV image overlaid by HUD turns "white" when revisited

In Mission Planner build 1.1.5581.12999 and earlier, when an FPV video signal input from an “original” ezCap USB capture device is overlaid by the MP HUD and working as expected in the Flight Data pane, leaving that screen to change anything in any other screen and returning produces loss of the video and the HUD and presents a white screen in the Flight Data pane instead. It was also observed that this “white” condition would sometimes “flash” what appears to be an image of video and HUD. This loss of video can also be produced by interrupting the video signal from the ezCap and will not recover. The work-around is to exit the Flight Data screen again and go to the Config/Tuning screen and STOP and START a fresh instance of the video/HUD feed to the Flight Data pane. The OSD in use is a minumOSD from and is not a 3drRobotics device.

This problem does not occur if FPV video is NOT being mixed with the HUD; in this case leaving and returning to the Flight Data pane simply displays the HUD as expected.

See the attached screen caps for reference. The desired behavior should not produce loss of Flight Data screen video and HUD simply by transitioning out of and back into the Flight Data screen.

next mp will fix this

Thank you, Mission Planner 1.3.25 build 1.1.5589.3944 with ArduPlane V3.3.0beta1 (5afe3fb9) is working as expected now. I can move from screen to screen and return to the Flight Data screen and video is intact as expected. Solved.