Video Does not Appear in HUD after setting MJPEG Source

In Mission Planner 1.3.69 video does not appear in HUD after setting MJPEG Source. Camera indicates stream is activated upon setting MJPEG Source (, but video does not appear. Is another step required?

thank you for the feedback. ive just fixed this in beta MP. most user’s use gstreamer now, but mjpeg will keep working now.

It seems mjpeg does work with beta MP but for only ~ 4 seconds, then beta MP crashes.

oh, any more info you can give me on the crash?

i was testing using for the jpg url.

do you have issues with this link?

I just tested with the version of Mission Planner you just released (1.3.70). Problem is the same as with the beta version yesterday. After I start the stream in the HUD (, I see the video stream for ~4 seconds, then Mission Planner closes.