Vibrations (Vibe vs Acc)

I had a doubt about the information available in the flight logs.
I was going through this page on the ardupilot website, which explains about vibrations. It says to look into the VibeX, VibeY, VibeZ (and the Clip graphs), and that these values are “mostly below 30 m/s/s”, which is the case for my quadplane. However, it also mentions at the end about older firmware versions that did not have the VibeX/Y/Z graphs, and for those versions, we are supposed to look for AccX, AccY and AccZ graphs. Being curious, I logged the raw IMU data to look for these graphs. The documentation states that the acceptable range for AccX and AccY is -3 to +3, and for AccZ is -15 to -5. In my vehicle, however, the values are shooting up really high, as you can see here:

As the graphs show, the AccZ ranges from -55 to +38 for one IMU, whereas AccY is between -18 to +19 for another IMU. AccX is between -12 to +9, which is again, too high according to the documentation.
(The 3rd IMU is performing significantly better than the first two, probably because of the vibration damping of the IMU in the Cube Orange).

Now, since the two methods are saying two different things (the Acc values are showing high vibrations, whereas the Vibe values are showing acceptable range), I don’t know how to move forward. Can I continue flying the vehicle, or is it risky?

My setup is:
FC: Cube Orange
Firmware: ArduPlane 4.2.3
Frame: Standard QuadPlane.
Note: These graphs are when the vehicle is in VTOL mode, and not FW mode.

Thanks a lot!