Vibrations as soon as armed

I have a 6 inch quad with a kakute f7 board. Works great with betaflight and inav but when i install ardupilot i get very bad oscillation vibrations. These even occur on the ground when the copter
Is armed. Its is almost as if the copter is trying to stabilise when on the ground. They continue when i take off and cant get more than a few feet before i have to land as it is not controllable.

Did you tune the notch fileter and the PIDs according to the wiki instructions?

Not yet. I cant seem to find a wiki for tuning. I had a matek f4 board before in the quad and flew fine with ardupilot on default settings

Strange… when I google for “arducopter tuning” this is the very first hit: Arducopter PID tuning instructions

Add googling for “ArduCopter notch filter” gave me: Arducopter notch filters

Ah ok thanks. I was looking on wikipedia… doh

Chances are just changing the filter settings will produce a flyable craft but of course follow all the basic tuning instructions in the link. Also, you will most likely want to soft mount the FC if it isn’t already. The soft mounted IMU on these boards is minimal and often insufficient for Ardupilot. The notch filter is not a fix for overall high levels of vibration.