Vibration levels... What value and above is bad?


I was curious about what vibrations values and above are considered bad? Consider my flight this morning…

The highest peak was 24 (VibeZ), X and Y peaked around 23 a time or two. Winds were sustained at about 8mph during the flight (100 feet AGL, Several waypoints mission in a park).

All three seem to average around 15 to 18 most of the time with some periods averaging around 8 to 12.

.BIN file here:

Thank you.

Stay under 30 and you should be good

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It also depends on the prop size and IMU.
On some of my microcopters (3" props) vibes about 5 are too much. I get vibration compensation and ekf errors. All the symptoms of extremely high vibes on larger copters. 5" props don’t seem to like vibes over about 15.

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Based on the logs I assumed this craft has 13+ inch props. The tuning does seem quite good as well, again based on the logs that you provided

The IMU is not seeing much vibration at all

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It is a 500mm quad… Originally tuned with 1045 polymer props, but just recently installed 1147 CF/polymer props, which are very rigid compared to the other set. Really did make a big difference in reducing prop noise and the .4 of added thrust:weight helps, too.

Thank you for the info and analysis!