Vibration IMU analysis questions


As specified on the APM Copter Wiki I did a vibration analysis and there is my log attached on a skydrive link … 0581%21247

I have an official 3DR APM 2.6 on a F450 framewith Turnigy 2830 outrunner 1000 kv motors on 3s lipo.

I put 2 layer of neopren foam under my APM board.

As I see 3 bad spike , all other seems good and I want your feedback on it. Why I have theses spikes ?

Thanks for your input !

Any input ?

Hi there,
I wouldn’t worry too much about those spikes. Your vibrations look good for the rest of the flight which is the main concern. I also have those spikes on my graphs and their mostly from hard bumps when it comes to landings…