Vibration failsafe doesn't work well?

Hi everyone.
I changed my radio (from flysky i10 to Radiomaster) and had to disassemble my 90mm 2 "tiny quad (stable 4.0.3 FW) to bind my new radio. I then tested stabilize, althold, loiter in flight. Everything worked up to POS HOLD.
In pos hold the quad rocketed up without the throttle control. Unfortunately my flight controller doesn’t have a log memory, so we can’t diagnose anything.
Why didn’t the failsafe vibrations occur?
With the old radio, the quad worked in all flight modes, assembling it again, (with rubber stand offs and rubber rings everywhere as usual).
My vibrations are probably at the limit but without the log I can’t see anything, so I’ll have to change FC or fly with betaflight, the fact remains that the vibration failsafe doesn’t work well IMHO.


There are some other threads as well regarding the vibration failsafe but it is hard to be sure of the problem without an onboard log. The altitude controller is exactly the same in AltHold, Loiter and PosHold so I wouldn’t expect there to be any difference in behaviour between them.

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Hi Randy,
I flew alt hold only in hovering and in loiter very slowly. In pos hold, I increased the speed and therefore the rotation of the motors, making the vibrations rise above the critical threshold I suppose

I disassembled the quad 2 "again and I removed some unused cables and changed the rx with a smaller one that does not interfere with the rubber stand offs for the FC. I have not had more rocket sky, not even in POS HOLD :slight_smile:
2 "small quads are really critical for vibrations

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Excellent, nicely done!

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