Vibration - Difference between X and Y

Hi Guys,
I wanted to get you opinion on the vibration I am getting in my pixhawk 2. I have it mounted on some moon gel and it seems to be dampening really well. My questions is; why are my X and Y axis so different? Are they okay the way they are. From what I read, shouldn’t they be pretty close to the same value? My X axis is great but my Y axis is quite a bit higher and has a few spikes that I’m not sure if i should be concerned about. Let me know you thoughts. Attached are my logs

2018-01-27 22-40-50.bin (705.7 KB)

Your vibes stay under 10, which is fine (below 30 is considered acceptable). It is a bit unusual for X and Y to be different by a factor of 4, but not necessarily cause for concern. Is it mounted significantly higher than the aircraft’s CG or motor arms? I can imagine a rolling vibration from propeller buffeting translating into a Y-axis vibration on the flight controller. Anyways, it’s probably not a problem as long as you’ve double-checked the construction of your frame to make sure there’s nothing wobbly.

Have you tried hard-mounting the flight controller? The Pixhawk 2’s IMU’s are already damped inside the Cube, so additional damping may not help, or in some cases may actually amplify vibration.

Thanks for the reply. I am coming from a hard mounted setup which had a lot of vibration making it to the Pixhawk. Even with props balanced perfectly I was never able to get the vibration to a reasonable level while hard mounted.

While i was trying a few vibration dampeners there were some results where X and Y were closer in value, but overall the values were higher. What do you think would be better?

Then I’d say just stick with this moon gel, the vibes you’re getting are fine.