Vibration damping?

So, I’m about to buy a Protos 500 and are going to jump in this pool with both feet.
I have a fair amount of experience with Arduplane, but my heli experience is limited to a MCPX and multirotor experience is racequads only. But hey…how hard can it be? (Famous last words).
What’s the best strategy for dealing with anti-vibration mounts? I’m printing one of these as we speak:,
I also read this page:
However that seems mostly geared towards multi-rotors. What type of vibration dampening is the most effective for trad helis? Small stiffer ones? Or the larger softer ones.


Protos 500 shouldn’t have much vibration problem if set up correctly.
That mounting pad will be enough.
But if you don’t want to use it, thick foam tape works best from my experience.

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I’m using a “jello plate” that I got from Amazon in my nitro Trex 700 with a Pixhawk.

Keeps vibe spikes <50, average ~15-20 and haven’t had any control problems with it. Electric, I would think, would much smoother than my piston engine chopper.

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For vibes, Z is up?
Getting X & Y between 6-7 and Z is 8-12. Should be more than good enough, right?

Yes, that should be fine. Z is vertical, and I consider anything less than 50 to be OK with the new scaling in 3.4

These are not bad. But avoid the ones where the bulbs are close-set underneath the middle of the Pixhawk! This makes things very much worse!