Vibration damping of the PH2

not sure if this was mentioned somewhere before but i have a little question about the damped imu in the PH2.
I have really bad Z-Vibrations with my large 980 frame and can’t kill them. Using a PH1 and several different damping solutions.
So my question is in which way is the damping of the imu in the PH2 better and is there a real chance to get vibration levels down to a reasonable level with the “standart” damping of the whole PH and with the additional damping of just the imus? Would be happy to hear you thoughts.

One of the issues with external vibration dampening for Pixhawk 2 is that the IMUs are mounted near the top of the Cube. This means that some vibration management options (particularly designs based on my original 3D printed mount) can cause rotational vibration to be picked up as lateral acceleration.

Of the commercially available options, I think you’re likely to see best results with 3mm Gel Pads mounted in each corner of the carrier board. I haven’t tested them myself, so consider this advice with a healthy amount of skepticism. I see from your post history that you’re based in Germany, so I did a quick search, and found this retailer that offers them:

I’m working on a 3D printed solution for larger multi-rotors, traditional helis, and systems that use 2-stroke ICEs. It’s completely untested, and the nature of the design could cause problems if I’ve got the harmonics wrong, or if the vertical offset still results in significant rotation to lateral acceleration coupling, but you’re welcome to the design files if you’re interested:

Nice one. Now I know who is responsible for this great vibration damping models on thingiverse…
If you wan’t you can send me the files of the untested one and i will give it a go.

I have some similar vibration damping blocks but haven’t tried it so far. Work is a little more these days… And trying to get my filament extruder to work. Nerdgasm :wink:

I’ve sent you a private message with links to the files.

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I will test it as soon as i get back home and the weather is not too bad. Thx

Hey Niels,

Have you done any testing with this mount yet?


Hi Ben,

i’m affraid not. I got along with the spektreworks carrier board…

Niels, do you still have the files Guy has sent you for the dampening mount? Are you able to share these with me please?

Hi, found the files. But it would be better if you get the files from Guy directly. He told me not to share them…

This is much better! Removes the rotational issue

Hey, have you tested the 3d mount yet?