Vibe clipping on Z axis RC3.3.2

Test flew a 3DR Y6B today after a while out of action. Motors had to be replaced after a crash which originally looked like a mechanical failure. Everything was recalibrated successfully post firmware install/pre flight.

Throughout the flight it was showing lots of vibe clipping on the z axis, and flight behaviour was a little erratic. Reviewed the logs using vibrations 3.3 on the drop down along with sensors/accelerometer/accelerometers and sensors/accelerometer/accelerometers combined.

It looks to me like the first of the accelerometers is fine whilst the second is the issue and causing the clipping, could anyone on here take a look at the graphs and offer an opinion/advice please?



Solved - I think it was the accelerometer. Changed the Pixhawk over, same everything else…no clipping and hardly any vibes.

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