Very sensitive controls after Auto Tune

Hi All

I have an F450 type frame, 920Kv motors and 10" props. I initially flew using whatever the default PIDs were, and it seemed to fly well, but decided to perform an Auto Tune as I assumed it was the “Right Thing” to do.

After Auto Tune, my controls are VERY twitchy and the quad seems less stable than before.

Stupidly, I didn’t note down the previous PIDs for comparison, but I’ve attached a screen shot of what Auto Tune worked out for me.

Do these values looks sensible for what I have? Any tips on improving things?

set stab. pitch and roll at 7.000
on rate roll and pitch
p at 0.140
I at 0.135
d at 0.007

Cheers mate, tried this today and feels pretty good. Initially thought it was somewhat ‘jerky’ but after getting used to it for a few minutes I quite like it. The responsiveness is good.

I’ll hopefully get some better flying done this weekend, today was a short low altitude test.

Think those are weird numbers, looks at these lol! This is after an autotune with 3.3 which does yaw as well. It’s pretty twitchy and lots of vibration. It’s a T960 HEX with 5010 motors and 18" props. The I and D values are pretty high. I’m going to try cutting them in half tomorrow and see what happens.

on your hex your p looks ok but I is really high. I is normally lower than p. d determines how responsive it is

Actually those PID’s are wrong as I had already started bringing them down after the first flight. The roll P was .305 and the I was .905! I had copied the pitch PID’s to the roll. I had been flying this big hex with PID’s of .25, .1 and .004 for almost two years with hundreds of flights and never an incident. Just thought I’d try the autotune with the 3.3beta firmware to see if it worked better… Guess not lol!

autotune did not work for me either

For me the autotune is a first step to be near to the right PIDs. I never have use the same PID from the Autotune, I use those numbers as a PID base, then I start to move them to get the best for my drone.