Very poor range with TTL

Hey everyone,

just got into flying quads and I recently installed TTL into my CX-20. It’s a very cool feature and automation fascinates me. However I’m getting horrible range.

I’m getting maybe 600 feet of range out of my setup. Looking for some suggestions. someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I should be getting close to 3000 feet maybe even more?

I don’t know if it matters, but the unit is a generic model I got on ebay. I don’t think it’s genuine 3dr (I think generics are used by most people). It’s a 915 mhz module.

the tx is out of the case and sits inside the quad. I then have a small sma cable running from the tx to the outside of the case. i’m using the stock antenna it came with

I read the article that is on here and looks like I have to do some trouble shooting and logging to see what’s going on.

Very curious why I’m having this problem though. Most people don’t run into issues :frowning:

Looking for some help with troubleshooting!

Hardware support is only for genuine 3DR products so I have moved your telemetry clone post.

Gotcha… Thanks…