Very odd behaviour of cursor

Just wondering if any one has come across this strange thing. When I try to put the cursor over EKF or Vibe on the data screen to bring up those charts, the cursor jumps to the middle of the map/satellite view. If I am quick enough and manage to get one of those charts up I can’t then drag the chart to another spot on the screen. This happens with or without an aircraft conneceted via USB or telem link and also if nothing is connected incluing the telem link. This doesn’t happen on my laptop.

The system in question is running Windows 10 (fully updated) on a tablet. This cursor behaviour occurs both in tablet mode and normal desktop mode.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

its something about your setup. mine just changes to the hand icon as you mouse over EKF or Vibe. have you got a custom theme?

Hi Michael, thank you for responding. The tablet I use is purely for the aircraft so nothing custom on there at all, in fact very little of anything on the computer at all. The Mission Planner install is just standard. I have uninstalled it and then re-installed it to see if that cleared the bug but no such luck. I am on the latest version of MP. Thank you sir!

Are you in Tablet or Desktop mode ? (It’s just a hunch, but worth a try)

Same effect in both modes but good tip, thank you.

So looking into this a bit more, it does seem like this is Windows driven. Oddly, when the cursor jumps, if I click then it still activates the EKF or Vibe depending on where the cursor was immediately prior to the jump. Thanks for the help all.