Very Important Help - What Should I Do?

Hi Everyone,

I am new in here. I did not study with apm, ardupilot, pixhawk, raspberry or anything else before so i have no idea about anything. I spent tooo much time in here or other forums but i confused.

Now, i want to built my fully autonomous boat but i don’t know what should i buy. I want to do that when i click a point in the map, the boat will understand and go there but i want to that in my home and maybe my boat will be another continental so distance will be too much so i want to control my boat from anywhere. I search about pixhawk and apm. I know apm is not supported anymore. I want to buy a pixhawk but i saw many kind of pixhawk producer like holybro, cuav etc. And also pixhawk cost is to high. Can i do that with raspberry? If i can do that which version should i buy? Or if you have another idea please say me. Where should i start? Also i don’t know how to programming these card.

Thank you.

If you plan to control your boat from another continent, and a pixhawk is to expensive, I would think again, because the pixhawk is just a single part from the whole system. You would probably need LTE Telemetry which isn’t cheap either…

About clicking a point on the map, every autopilot supports that.

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So Sir can you write the pieces which i will need it? When you say LTE telemetry i saw a drone which does what i want. One man did a drone with pixhawk and raspberry pi and he control the drone in everywhere but i don’t understand that ok. pixhawks for autonomous fly but raspberry is for what?

You need your vehicle, an autopilot and a GPS.
The Raspberry is needed to make the connection between the autopilot and the LTE network.

But there is also a finished solution:

Thanks so so much Sir. When i when to link which you sent i saw another link and i also went there. Then i saw UAVcast price. I mean 3 years 110 dollars. I need it or can i do that with a sim card? And what is mavilink basically.

Rpi and a stick modem. Also, obviously you will need a SIM card and a data plan. Then pay UACcast for their software and support.