Vertical bendy ruler stops at 5 meteres regardless of oa_br_lookahead or oa_margin_max. Copter 4.2.2

Hi, we are testing vertical bendy ruler using a 360 degree lidar at 10 degree increments (so 36 total data points per iteration) being sent to the drone using the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE mavlink message.

We have found that no matter what we set br_lookahead or margin_max to, the drone always stops at 5 meters away from the obstacle and begins obstacle avoidance. We have tried various combinations of the 2 params but always with the same result.

Ideally we would stop at 2 or 3 meters since we are flying up a hill with terrain follow using a rangefinder and don’t want to ‘walk up steps’, only using the obstacle avoidance when met by a large steep obstacle.

I have attached our current params. Also we have noticed that the mission planner proximity window also only displays with a radius of 5 meters so this could be something to do with it?

Any ideas?

Edit: Originally said it was Copter v4.1.5, but we are using v4.2.2

llama_params.param (18.3 KB)

Try repeating the experiment with ArduCopter version 4.2.3

Sorry made a mistake, we are already using ArduCopter v4.2.2. (We have 4.1.5 on another drone). Regardless, I don’t see any changes to vertical bendy ruler in the release notes from v4.1.5 to v4.2.3, am I mistaken?

Think there have been many relevant changes, otherwise I would not have asked you to update.

But from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 there has been only the changes in altitude reference frames.