Velocity Variance error

Hello everyone,
I am using ublox f9p gps and matek h743 FC. I am getting velocity variance error once in a while. I flew the same mission for around 10 times in which i got velocity variance error twice. The normalized innovation in position and height are well below 1. There was no GPS Glitch error.
In one flight the EKF primary changed to 1 from 0. (Log 188.bin)
I have attached 2 logs in this link- Log

Can someone tell me what should i look into in these logs to find out why did this happen. Is this behavior normal or is there something wrong?

Attached the images of logs from one such flight.

@xfacta @dkemxr @Yuri_Rage can you please look into this post guide me!

MP generates a HUD " xxx variance" message on its own as a warning when a scaled EKF innovation exceeds 0.5…if the innovation exceeds 1.0 then AP will switch EFKF lanes or fallback to DCM…
each state estimation type fuses various sensors including IMU so sensor error/glitches or vibration/noise can generate estimate innovations… Occasional warnings in MP are not huge concerns…not perfect…but fall out of sky is usually not imminent…

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