Vehicle Type Support for Antenna Tracker


It seems that QGC does not support the APM Antenna Tracker vehicle type. I was wondering if there were any future plans to support the AAT?

Vehicle 1 is the Ranger EX plane. Vehicle 2 is the mini AAT which connects to Vehicle 1 via 915MHz. SiK radios. The tablet running QGC connects to the mini AAT using 433MHz SiK radios.

However, this does not mean it isn’t useful because you can still read status and change the various parameters and follow the positions of both vehicles on the screen. Both vehicles look like the red arrows but the tracker will stay at the home position and the plane will fly around. It would just feel more integrated if it had its own icon and some parameter groupings specific to the AAT.


There are no current plans to support Antenna Tracker in QGC

Ok, thanks, Don!