Vehicle Type Not Supported - Vehicle Setup - OrangeCube running 4.1.1 when trying to set parameters

I usually use Qgroundcontrol at the field as my ground station. I run it on an Android tablet.

Today I tried Qgroundcontrol on my Windows computer in my workshop. I was surprised when going over to Vehicle Setup that Qgroundcontrol reported that my vehicle type isn’t supported.

Any idea why this might be true? I use the latest beta on my Android - no problem there.

You do need to get the latest daily build in windows as well.

Should be easy enough - Thanks Amilcarlucas!

I downloaded from this page - and there’s no option for latest daily build. Any idea where it can be found?

google is your biggest friend:

And there is a link on top of the page you posted to the daily build page.

How true - I’m embarrassed that I missed it.

Sadly - today’s version has a bug.

qgc error

Removing, restarting and reinstalling didn’t fix this.