Vehicle stuck when working on Bendy Ruler Algorithm

I have tried the simulation with BendyRuler, static fence and simple waypoint. The drone seems to be stuck in the infinite loop. Please chec this video.

I am not sure that it is about setting with parameters or not. Could anyone please a look on this?
By the way, I am also curious about the “BendyRuler”, when I do googling, there is not much information about this. Could you please, @rmackay9, provide the flowchart the algorithm or any reference with theory behind?

P/S: The Dijkstra works like a champ!

param_bendyRuler_loop.param (20.9 KB)

Log file:

@bigboy061293 I believe this is a known issue with BendyRuler. Follow this issue here:
You can find some elementary information on how works BendyRuler here:

@rishabsingh3003 :Thanks but I did want to realize much more that just know that the “stuck” state would or would not happen. I think by looking at the flow chart or pseudo-code of “BendyRuler”, we will get how it works but could not find it elsewhere in the Internet. I guess diving into the code?